Trees that look as real as they feel

We set out to make the most realistic artificial Christmas trees using the finest materials. Our tree needles are made of plastic, but has anyone ever wondered what 'type' of plastic is used? Lesser brands use recycled plastics that cause your tree needles to become brittle over time. Treetime uses only top-quality, non-recycled plastics that ensure rich colors, elasticity, and longevity. This practice guarantees less artificial trees end up in a landfill and you get the most out of your investment for several years!

Engineering standards that shaped the industry

When we started Treetime one of our biggest goals was to identify, reengineer, and innovate on the decades of manufacturing bad practices we've seen in the tree industry. We created lighter frames. We created structural and support enhancements. We created sections that were easier to assemble and take down. For nearly a decade our engineers have made so many meaningful contributions to tree design and manufacturing that we are now a tier above any other brand of Christmas tree in-store, or online.

Others boast about "best lighting"— we back it up

We go through the painstaking process of making sure our lights match our reputation. We realize that many of our customers choose us because of our superior lighting. Our pre-lit trees are full of features, reliability, and last for years of trouble-free Christmas fun. We back that up with the best warranty in the industry for our Platinum line of trees with 5 seasons of coverage and A+ customer service. That's better than any other brand online—period.