How to Identify a High-Quality Artificial Christmas Tree

Tree Sections

Artificial Christmas trees are constructed in easy-to-manage light-weight sections making assembly quick and simple! Based on height, trees typically come as follows:
2’ - 5’ : 1-2 sections
6.5’ – 7.5’ : 3 sections
9’ – 10’ : 4-5 sections
12’ – 15’+ : 6-7+ sections

Center Poles and Tree Stands

Constructed with stability and durability in mind, steel center poles and steel tree stands are rated to match each tree’s size and weight (and then some!) so that when the tree is assembled and fully decorated it will have the greatest stability and durability. Small trees and tabletop models are considerably lighter and may only require a plastic stand.

Hinged Branches

Hinged tree branches are permanently attached at the center pole, making tree assembly and fluffing quicker and easier than old-fashioned hook-on or push-in single branch construction. Simply let the branches down, fluff out the foliage, plug in the lights…and enjoy!

Hook-in Branches

With the hook-in variety, you will need to put each branch into a separate hook on the tree pole. Branches are usually color coded so that you will know where they go. Since each branch is attached individually, these trees take far longer to assemble, and are not available as pre-lit trees. However, these are cheaper to purchase. You will not find any Treetime Christmas trees using a hook-in construction. All of Treetime's artificial Christmas trees are fully hinged.

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