Choosing the Ideal Artificial Christmas Tree Height

The most important factor in determining the best-sized tree for you is the location where you will put it. Measure both the ceiling height and the width of the floor space available for the tree without it bumping up against furniture, fireplaces or impeding the flow of traffic.


Generally speaking, the tree height should be at least 6” shorter than the ceiling height to allow for a tree topper. For a room with a standard 8’ ceiling, a 7-7.5’ tall tree would be ideal. Rooms with cathedral ceilings may handle a significantly taller tree to make the most of the look and feel of the space.


Select the most appropriate width based upon the space. The average width of a 7.5’ tree is 56”; however, 7.5’ trees come in widths ranging from 20” (Slim) to 72” (Wide) and should be selected based on the width of the floor space and your personal taste.

In very tight spaces, slim trees or other unique options such as flat, half wall, upside down, or table top trees may be good options.

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