The Treetime Difference

Learn why we're the #1 choice for Christmas trees in the USA.

Values, tradition, and excellence define us as a company. Treetime is a wonderful place to work and grow professionally because of the positive attitudes our employees share. We work hard every day because we love what we do, the products we design, and the attention to detail in the manufacturing of America's best artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland. We want to make sure our customers and our employees know it! We want everyone to know that Treetime as an entity represents a group of talented and passionate individuals that truly cares about our customers and a job well done.

World-Class Service & Customer Loyalty.

Christmas tradition is important to all of us!

TreeTime's' family of Christmas tree stores and online shop was founded on the simple premise of striving to design the best Artificial Christmas trees at a level of value and realism that is unmatched by other brands. As a company, we are a tight knit group of passionate individuals that simply loves Christmas, the business of putting a smile on a customer's face, and enjoying what we create and represent every day.

We are not about just selling artificial Christmas trees, but selling the best Christmas trees available that will create memories and inspire tradition in your home. Too often in today's business marketplace (especially online) it is difficult to find a company that isn't in some way dishonest. Our aim has always been to provide a one-stop Christmas shopping experience that is not only trusted but admired by its customers. You can call us and speak to a human being without a dozen prompts, long hold times, or even send us an email without an automated response! Our customer service center is not only based in the United States but attached to our distribution center. You will be speaking to seasoned industry experts that know our products, know how to solve problems, and have the ability to get you what you need - fast!

Quality products, excellent service, and great value is what we are all about. We are truly honored that you, like thousands of our other satisfied customers, are considering making us your choice for premium artificial Christmas trees.

Quality Christmas Tree Design & Innovative Engineering Technology.

True realism with Real-Needle™ Technology

When we engineer better products with years of research and care for quality it separates us from the competition and our customers see it. We practice what we preach with every premium artificial Christmas tree we manufacture to meet or exceed your expectations for quality and reliability.

We produce safe, flame-resistant, non-toxic Christmas trees that you can enjoy in your home without worry. We structurally engineer our trees to be light-weight and easy to handle with hinged sections, no hook-on branches, and simplistic end-to-end electrical connections for quick assembly. Other brands carry heavy, bulky trees that are cumbersome and difficult to set up or disassemble each season. Some carry gimmicky, unstable "flip-trees" or power plugs built-in to the tree pole that make it impossible to properly troubleshoot or repair if a problem should arise years down the road.

TreeTime™ pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are exclusive and created by seasoned Christmas designers and experienced electrical engineers. We understand the importance of attention to detail, beauty, realism, reliability, and build quality. Our products are not just backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but with years of warranty support knowing that every Christmas tree, wreath, or garland you purchase has been quality control tested before you even open the box.

Our commercial grade lighting is the highest quality available in the industry with in-house bench testing of every product for long-life and trouble-free use. Our premium mini-lights burned for 6 months, 24 hours a day, without a single bulb burnout. The Platinum Collection™ of Christmas trees features ProTime™ Lighting that holds the industry's best 5-season light warranty. Our patented ProTime™ lighting systems protect against burnout, breakage, loose, and missing bulbs. No other brand carries a more comprehensive warranty and proven patented technology in both incandescent and LED lighting options.

All of our trees use fade resistant 2-ply PVC material that looks realistic, is crush-resistant, and lasts for years.

Remembering the Reason for the Season.

Family and tradition

Some of us remember what it was like to grow up in times when things were simple. We didn't need smart phones, TV was a luxury, and spending time with family was everything. Christmas has many meanings for different people. It is a special time of year for hundreds of millions worldwide and finding the best Christmas tree at the right value is an important part of the season's celebration.

We love Christmas because it reminds us about the important things that are so often overlooked in our lives like family, health, and the little things we take for granted each day. We know that the products we design are displayed proudly at businesses and homes across the country. That fact truly makes a difference in how we appreciate TreeTime™ and what it represents. All of us globally, including our competitors, are an integral part of what makes America truly great, and Christmas is the time that brings out the best in all of us!

We always try to remember this in everything we do and every customer we interact with. We warmly welcome you to the TreeTime™ family of customers worldwide.

Merry Christmas!

Listed below are just a few of the many organizations Treetime has professionally served as customers or has partnered with in not-for-profit charity drives during the Christmas season. Treetime is well-known for making the most-realistic artificial Christmas trees, providing excellent customer service, and is the industry-leader in carrying the best artificial Christmas tree warranty available.