Christmas Accessories and Other Considerations

Make sure you know what is included with your tree. Stands almost always are included, but you will probably want a decorative tree skirt to hide the structure. Storage bags, usually not included, are necessary to protect your investment from insects and dust during the off-season. If you are not buying a pre-lit tree, you probably will want to buy lights. A power strip/surge protector is always a good idea to protect the lights. And of course, don't forget your ornaments.

Price Range

Prices depend on quality of material and construction, size, and whether the tree is pre-lit. Most high quality, pre-lit, floor size (six to nine feet) trees fall within $139 to $1000 or more; some, mostly on the lower height end, are available in the $150 to $400 range. Lower cost trees are available in smaller sizes or without lights.